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Why is your baby suddenly waking up hysterical at night

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So we have dealt with this a time or two already.. all our signs pointed back to tummy issues.. we would console him when he seemed unconsolable.. and more times than not, he would finally let out a good ole burp! So now we really make sure to get his burps out before we ever lay him down.. and if we can't get them out, sometimes give him a gas drop or two before bed.. it really seems to help! I have also heard that night terrors can occur from age 4 months and up.. so this could be why your little one is waking up hysterical at night. Try to slowly wind them down from the TV, lights, loud noises, etc.. before bedtime. Babies don't have the ability to slowly prep for bed like we do.. winding down.. so you definitely need to help them!

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Why is your baby suddenly waking up hysterical at night
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