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What is appropriate discipline for a child with ADHD

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I am a preschool teacher and when my son was of age he wen to daycare with me but was not in classroom. I was not like other teachers that worked there I did not want my child to have special treatment. SO in the two year old classroom he did fine but when he was in the Three year old classroom he would start to scream every morning at a certain time morning circle time time moved on and it was time for him to move up to the four year old classroom but worst. So there was a lady school that would come in from the outside and hep my son plus some others with transition from one activity to the next, playing nicely with others, listening to the teacher one time only. I'm like I can not go on what else can I do so my son was approved for developmental disability pre k program. As time moved on he was still whining alot in first and second and a little in third. But Third grade 2013 was the worst. My mom would go to my son school sometimes to sit in the office but only the teacher knew not my son. My son psych wanted him to get some testing done. So it was three days of testing. So I'm at work as usual and my worst fear came true the principal had call me and said that the cop are there and they had to transport him to the behavioral clinic overnight. When I was talking to the lady over the phone I was like I have never heard him say these things like he wanted to run out in the street of the school. I had call my mom she rushed out of the house and went to check on him at the clinic and she was so happy to see someone she went to church with that worker there to keep an eye on him. I pulled him out of that school and I did home school until I knew what I was going to do but the good thing is the test results came back he had High functioning Autistic Disorder, Disorder of written Expression Borderline Intellectual function. Update We moved in late 2013 to GA and my son has blossomed so much at school in GA the teachers are awesome and care. Even during the summer he goes to a spectrum camp the staff is wonderful.


As a person with slight ADHD, I would say almost the exact same with a few minor tweaks. For example, id your child has to stand to do their work, so be it. As long as they're getting the work finished, what's it matter. you know? little stuff like that shouldn't matter.


My brother in-law has ADHD along with being diagnosed as bipolar and as having Asperger's disease. whew, the stories I could tell... consistency is the most important piece of advice that I could give you. I have been privileged to be witness to some of the wildest outburst and even have been victim to some of them but what I can say is that a parent not dealing with the issue of discipline can harm the child in question. I have read your posts and I see that this is not an issue kudos!! Some of the ideas given by various psychiatrist have been to have your child talk about what is making them react in a way that is displeasing to you as the parent and discuss what he/she thinks would be the best policy for dealing with their impending punishment. Not something that I agree with but it might work for someone. I've even been told saying "take responsibility" really isn't the best thing for someone with ADHD making others change to fit his/her personality works best... from experience let me tell you that is a mistake society is not going to do this for your child when they are grown teaching them how to interact with others early in diagnosis really does help in the long run. Hopefully something I have said has helped.


As a kid I didnt have ADHD, so I got a crack on the butt. As an adult with it and because I deal with other people kids, I have learned it is all about focusing. But they have to understand limits too


what used to work for my daughter when she was younger was i would count to 3, and if she didn't stop her behaviour or do what i asked, etc...she would stand in the corner with a penny on her nose for a minute per year of age and if the penny dropped time would start over. i honestly only had to make her do this a total of 3 times from the age of 5 to 12. most of the time i would say one, two, go get a penny ready, and i wouldn't even get to 3 :)


*A bit more attention/guidance needed perhaps for ADHD kids*

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I recommend counting to three before saying anything. It gives you a chance to take a moment and think before you speak. I've also found that punishments have to be immediate. If you take something away, but it doesn't go into effect until days later, it's totally ineffective.

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Also asking your child to repeat what you have asked of him can ensure that he grasped the directions or expectations before assuming he just disobey by not doing what you asked him to do.

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What is appropriate discipline for a child with ADHD
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