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Should I circumcise my baby: how to decide

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This is really a personal choice and either option is not going to hurt the child. I have seen most people make this decision based on either religious reasons or to ensure the baby boy matches the Daddy (helps alleviate questions as to why the boy looks different than the daddy). Other than that, really it is up to you. no other person can tell you what to do with this. I did circumcise my boys.


Circumcision has become a lot less popular recently and is the topic of many *REALLY* heated debates between moms. I've heard some say it's because they think the baby feels the pain of the procedure. I've heard some say it's only cosmetic and they don't believe babies should have any cosmetic work done.

Whatever the reason, this is totally a personal, private decision that nobody should be criticized for, no matter which way they decided.

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Should I circumcise my baby: how to decide
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