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Symptoms of pregnancy in the first month

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Missed period

Extreme tiredness (I'd fall asleep as early as 6pm!)

Breast tenderness

Depending on what pregnancy you are on, you may or may not experience twinges in your lower abs, as sign of stretching ligaments. I experienced them pretty early on, especially with later pregnancies.


Since I didn't think I could have kids, I never took at test until I was about 7 weeks along so I missed that first month. The bf thought that maybe I was, so I researched the most common early signs and found that the majority of the earliest signs (aside from a missed period and implantation bleeding) are also signs of high stress. I held a very high stress job at the time so I pointed the finger toward that. On a whim (and to shut the bf up) I took a test and found out that I was pregnant.

Looking back, the only sign I remember was being tired.

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Symptoms of pregnancy in the first month
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