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How to improve your bowel movement during pregnancy

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This can be a normal part of pregnancy and one that isn't very fun !! Your digestive track slows down from all of the hormones . Drinking a lot of fluids is important and high fiber foods ,and lots of fruits and veggies . Get moving , exercise can help keep thing moving down there , even if it is just a walk every day . If you are still having trouble there are many safe fiber supplements you can take during pregnancy . I took gummy ones with my last pregnancy .


Keep hydrated and do some prenatal yoga.

when I started drinking more water and doing prenatal yoga, it really did help.

a long time ago

hormones and iron pills to help with anemia and my poor muscle tone left in my pelvic floor. It was so awful. Grapes helped a lot, but more than anything, stool softeners and laxatives when it got really bad.

a long time ago

it's always been an issue for me. I know changing my prenatal vitamins to a more natural one helped minimally. I just know the ones I took with my first child I would not use again as they really bound me up.

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1. Being pregnant is rough on my digestive system, so I’m making sure to get plenty of fiber — 3 servings of whole grain carbohydrates (like brown rice, whole-wheat bread, or pasta) — every day.
How to improve your bowel movement during pregnancy
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