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Why am I leaking milk when not pregnant

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It could be a hormonal issue if you're leaking milk while you're not pregnant, so I would definitely ask a doctor to be sure.

That is, unless you've recently given birth, in which case it is completely normal.

Some women may find their breasts leak at the sound of a baby crying.

But if these are not factors, I'd definitely get a blood test from a doctor to see just what's going on.


If you're not pregnant and leaking milk, you've probably recently given birth or you have a baby who's breastfeeding. Our bodies produce enough milk to meet our babies' needs. If baby requires more breastfeeding sessions, your body will respond by producing more milk sometimes at inconvenient moments.

In my experience, I leaked milk when I took a warm shower. I quickly learned to wear breast pads in my nursing bra or I'd end up with a splotchy, wet shirt.

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Why am I leaking milk when not pregnant
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