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How to deal with 2 year old tantrums?

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Toddler meltdowns are a fact of life. Toddlers have not mastered coping skills and most of these tantrums come from a need to communicate.

Stay calm
Ignore your child until and
Wait until your child has has your attention.
Give them space.
Give them a hug and
Create a diversion
Never hit your child spanking is not the answer.
Calmly talk to your child to see what his/her needs are.
Find out what sets off their tantrums.

I have found many of these and more effective ways to deal with tantrums are helpful


This is going to some really, really bad.....When the twins get into a temper tantrum, I can't help but laugh. They are so freaking cute, I can't even get upset about it. The older kids, I went through the same thing, suprisingly, only my daughter had tantrums after the age of 5. At that point, I had started the "ignore" protocol. It seemed to work really well.


at the beginning i couldn't deal with them and i use to tell my son to stop Now, but that didn't work it made it worse Now i just let him be and still wont get his way!!


There aren't too many things at this point she can do to misbehave, but she does throw tantrums when she does not get what she wants. Very bad tantrums. I usually turn my back to her so she calms down. My "discipline" is typically putting her in her room for time out for 2 minutes. I read in a book that time out should be a minute for each year of age they are. She definitely doesn't like it, and some times when I mention time out she calms down.


Their fits and upsets are a part of their growing up years as much as their happy days are so I do try to include a few. It makes life real.

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How to deal with 2 year old tantrums?
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