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Single moms, how much do you work?

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My sister and her husband both worked at McDonald's, which was literally across the street from their apartment (which was so rundown and horrible, I begged her to move back home just because it was so bad).

She had to be a single parent, and the sole source of income through all of this, to FOUR children. He passed away a few months later from complications, so she was truly a single parent then and at one point was working 2 jobs to make ends meet.


I am 9 months pregnant and working two jobs 6 days a week and my roommate of two years decided he was going to get cold feet about a baby in the house stiffed me on a months rent and moved out.


Before I had mine I was always taking extra shifts, staying over up to five hours to cover until someone could be called in. I was going to work anytime my boss called and said they needed help, but now I'm saying no the majority of the time and watching the clock to get off work in time. It's really hard to say no to extra hours being a single mom supporting not only my child but two younger cousins whose mother doesn't.

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Single moms, how much do you work?
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