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What's the hardest part of being a single teen mom

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For me being the hardest part of having to drop out of school. I know how important education is and I had to give it up. The next is knowing my baby will never have two parents that love each other and being a split home. Which thankfully isn't my position because Julie's dad and I live in the same house and even same room, but are single and not together!


When I had my first two children, I was a teen mother. I was married to their father but he was deployed in the beginning so I was technically a married/single mother.

The hardest part was finishing high school. I dropped out before I got pregnant. When I got pregnant out of the blue, married and moved 20 hours away from my family and friends, I went back to high school to earn my diploma. I could have gotten a GED, but I wanted my diploma. It was hard work, but I did get it, only a year later than the rest of my graduating class.

Another hard part is having that support that you need, no matter what age you are as a mother. Being a teen mother is hard but it's even harder when you don't have that support from your family and even your friends. We survive on support. Some teenagers are lucky, but others are not. Friends tend to disappear when you move out of the partying stage and focus on being a young mother.

My advice is to get your education, no matter how hard it is, and find a support group of teen moms, so you have someone to turn to if your regular friends or family aren't there.

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What's the hardest part of being a single teen mom
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