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Teen mom, where do you get support

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Sometimes things happen and i believe they happen for a reason. Although being a teen mom is not the optimal situation... if you are blessed with a child at a young age it is great if you have a support system in place because the more help you can get with this new path in life will be super important! Also it is VERY important to finish school if you are a teen mom... just my opinion!


My support comes from all different families. First my support comes from my mother and sister (well before she moved). Next Isaac's family offers so much support for Juli and I. My friend Natalie is a tremendous help for me when I need it.


I am not a teen mom but two of my three sisters were. For my sisters, my parents and our family were there support system. I cannot imagine what they would have done had they not had our family.

If you do not have family, churches often have an outreach program or the crisis pregnancy center .

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Teen mom, where do you get support
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