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I'm 17 and pregnant. I got pregnant a few days before my birthday. The dad and I tried to stay together but he was so immature and self centered I couldn't stay. At first he didnt want anything to do with the baby and over the past few months he has changed his mind multiple times. Then he threatens to take her. I know there is no chance becuase he lives in a small apartment with his brother, sister, mom, junky step dad, and two huge dogs that are not very friendly. I'm still a little worried tho. I don't want my baby anywhere near him.


I was 15 when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. My husband was shipped down to live with his aunt and uncle to get out of the town we lived in so I payed for him to come back up and he stayed in my dads basement for Christmas vacaton. Well thats when I got pregnant. We both wanted to be together and we said well a baby will keep us together. (boy were we stupid and dumb) well Jan 2nd came around and I went to my teacher and told her I thought I was pregnant. She took me into her arms and just held me..we both cried. She took me down to the nurse to take the pregnancy test and it was positive! Man i was sick to my stomach. My mom didnt even know i was having sex!! Well..I went home and slept all afternoon. My mom came in and sat on my bed. SHe said is there something you need to tell me. She already knew! She said she had a dream the night before and knew I was pregnant. Well it was horrible she said I wasnt keeping it, there were many other people in the church who needed a child. It was a long 6 months until my mom decided hey she is keeping this child and I am gonna be a grandmom. She threw me a baby shower and was there by my side. I had a huge support system with my family and school. My husband (bf at the time) didnt go to school so he would watch Makayla while i went to school and I would have her at night when he worked. It was very hard but I completed school and went on to college. Thats where I got pregnant with my twin boys. My husband and I have been through a lot..14 years of crazyness but I wouldnt change it for the world. I am 27 years old now and things are going just fine.


I was 15 when I got pregnant for Kyle with Leilani. I was young and partying and doing things I shouldn't of been doing. But the past is in the past and I can't change it now. My girl was delivered on March 12th, 2012 stillborn but I knew she would be two weeks before her arrival. After her passing you could say I went off the deep end. I kicked partying up a notch and was going crazy. It was no longer drinking and smoking marijuana but worse things I'm not going to get into. Eventually drinking had gotten me too drunk and I regret having sex with isaac of all people!! Nine months later Lianna popped out without anyone knowing she was coming until 48 hours post birth. When I was partying I skipped school and was with my boyfriend which made me lose so much credit and put me back a grade. I was sexually active up until Lianna conception. After Lianna arrived isaac and ember had chosen to have sex and conceive a boy which sent my life upside down. I had chosen to take Lianna and leave and haven't returned since. When we moved here my cousin Ash asked if I would take care of her girl Katie and I agreed. Since then Katie has become my girl as well as Lianna. I am on independent study trying to finish school and my girls are in activities which keeps us busy. I am an 18 year old teen mom and I love it, I wouldn't change anything in my life right now :)


I was 17 years old and living on my own (well with a male roommate), and hanging out with military guys.

Um, yeah, pull out method FAILED!

He stood by me.

Being a teenage mom is very hard, whether you're alone or not. I was married and it was still hard.

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