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Telling mom/parents you're pregnant

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I immediately called my mom after we saw the pee stick..she was screaming with joy,,but my dad on the other hand I told at 2 months pregnant..him and my SO didn't like eachother without even meeting,,so my dad was taking me to work and I said dad there's a baby in there to which he replied I already knew that Alissa I wanted to know how long it would take you to tell me..then he said do you need any chocolate HAHAHAHA (he used to bring me chocolate when mother nature came each month) I said dad it's not the same thing -__-


With our immediate families we just told them outright for our oldest.For the great-grandparents we did a cute poem in a picture frame and gave it to them for ChristmasWith #2 it was the opposite. We told my family almost immediately but held off from telling his family for almost 2 months.


It went crazy at first and than my mom was really really happy.My step dad was the one that didn't even get mad i was soo shocked!

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1. I’m keeping up my exercise routine, but I’m not overdoing it. If I’ve been exercising regularly, then I’ve adjusted my routine to make it safe for pregnancy.
Telling mom/parents you're pregnant
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