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Thanksgiving dinner ideas for baby

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Depending upon the age and whether they can handle the food and/or mash it with their gums/teeth, try things that are not spicey nor too harsh such as:

Sweet potato casserole
mashed potatoes
green beans
pumpkin or sweet potato pie
I would not give them gravy because it could be too rough on her tummy.

My son was able to have cherry cream cake and a some pumpkin roll.


Most of the thinks I make for thanksgiving would be fine for a baby eating finger foods . Noah will eat most of what we have this year . I usually make mashed sweet potatoes and whipped regular potatoes and the turkey can be chopped u small for him and stuffing is perfect for him to eat as well . Some of the veggies and things may not be good for him as he ay choke but thing like the fresh cooked green beans I can cut up really small for him


My son was only a few weeks old for his first Thanksgiving. We had bought him a cute "1st Thanksgiving" onesie and saved the wishbone for when he was old enough to make a wish. We took a picture of him with the big turkey.

For my daughter's first Thanksgiving we didn't do anything really special. She was 7 months so she ate sweet potatoes for the first time.

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Thanksgiving dinner ideas for baby
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