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What diet do you follow while breastfeeding

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I'm having a hard time with my diet and breastfeeding. Some days I do really well and eat healthy snacks in between meals. Like today, I had my smoothie before my workout, but then I ate other things afterwards that weren't so healthy. After nursing I get so hungry and thirsty. It's a battle between eating healthy for my daughter and trying to diet and lose weight. I don't starve myself, but I try so hard not to over eat and watch my sugar intake.


I have been eating like I was while I was pregnant, Limit your caffeine intake. Just lean meat like chicken, turkey and ground sirloin. Lots of vegetables

I always have fruit with my meals and for dessert.

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I think in general, lots of fruits and vegetables, protein, dairy (if you eat dairy), carbs etc. Limit caffeine and sweets. The thing to look for is a reaction from your baby from anything you eat because allergies quite often start during infancy.

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What diet do you follow while breastfeeding
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