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Personally, we bought an Eveflo JourneyLite Travel System for Lucas. We got a really nice teal color too. :) It's perfect for him! He's had it since birth and so when he was smaller, it has a nice pillow for his head in the carseat part. As he got bigger, we were able to take it out for him. The stroller is super nice with the cup holders, the basket under neath, and the carseat clicks right into it! So when he was smaller, we kept him in the carseat and just clicked it in. Now that he's bigger, we put him right into the stroller with no carseat. The stroller has super nice wheels too for a nice smooth ride for baby.


For us I really liked the Graco Travel System we got for early on because the infant seat would snap into it, but the large stroller it came with got hard to get in and out of the car all of the time so I got a Baby Trend Snap n Go stroller that was just a light weight frame the seat could be in that made running errands much easier. We also got a lite weight umbrella stroller which is what we use the most now, it is the Chicco Liteway Stroller

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The best baby stroller
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