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What are funny ways to tell your family you're pregnant

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a long time ago

I saw a celebrity couple recently create one that was adorable! In the photo, they're eating plates of spaghetti --with the wife's portion being much larger than the husband's -- and a jar of Prego sauce, but they replaced the wording to add an extra 'g'. :)

a long time ago

We did what I thought was a cute little note for one of our children. But we usually haven't been so creative.

a long time ago

I'm gonna tell him I'm pregnant like "Hi, daddy! What is the name of your lovely kid?

a long time ago

On Christmas morning, they gave my Grandparents a card announcing that the "gift" was not to be expected until August. It also had a picture of the ultrasound in it.

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What are funny ways to tell your family you're pregnant
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