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What to do if your child is a loner

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Well growing up my younger sister was left out. As much as my mom involved her in sports and activities and she made friends, she still always was the third wheel. My mom went to her school one day and followed her through her classes. My sister wasn't embarrassed since she and my mom were and are best friends. At the library my mom saw a pretty little girl sitting by herself and while my mom looked at books she told my sister N to go talk to her. She went and talked to her and slowly but surely they became the best of friends.


I think all you can do is to encourage your child to participate whether he feels like it or wants to so he get use to social settings and knows how to hold a conversation and interact with people. But tell him why you are requiring him to do so. It may take some time for him not to be reminded but hopefully he will initiate this all on his own because it is the right thing to do.

Perhaps you start with having a single friend over and then gradually work on larger groups. Enlist your child's teachers and provide lots of encouragement and building of confidence in your child.

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What to do if your child is a loner
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