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Any survival tips for a single parent

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a long time ago

I don't buy into the whole things that single mom's have it any more difficult than married ones... In fact in some ways I feel I have it easier, as I don't have a husband to manage as well. :)Everyone talks about single moms.. and how hard it is, etc... blah, blah, but they don't talk about what happens when WE go down. What happens when I get sick? Too sick to manage? To sick to get them to school.I just think that whether we are single moms or not, when shit hits the fan, we too need someone there for US

a long time ago

one of the most common thing this single moms did - they all learned their kids to be responsible.And ask neighbors to look after your kid - if you have neighbors

a long time ago

When I was a single mom I thrived on my relationship with girlfriends. We had a group of 10 (all single moms) and we created a barter network as well as Claim a Kid day.I would help Joann around the house with minor repairs in exchange for a home-cooked meal.we would take turns watching each others kids for up to 3 hours at a time.

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Any survival tips for a single parent
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