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The pregnancy pillow: is it helpful?

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I never did have a specific pillow that was made for pregnancy but I did have a body pillow and I loved it . It helped a lot to either use in between my legs and under my belly or behind me when my back was really bugging me . I used so many pillows it drove my poor husband nuts. I still use a lot just becsue I got used to sleeping with them .


During pregnancy I loved my body pillow and couldn't live without it. I love it so much I bought a second one. I sleep with two body pillows every night. The pillows her to deal with my aches and pains and make me more comfy when I can't sleep. My husband doesn't like them though because I am now a bed hog.


I need to get one! I'm fine sleeping but it's very hard to adjust when my hubby wants to cuddle lol

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The pregnancy pillow: is it helpful?
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