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Fun songs to sing to baby

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How about... Itsy Bitsy Spider? All the nursery rhymes can be done in a sing-song sort of voice.

Honestly, I'll probably just sing to baby the songs I like, plus a few kiddie songs thrown in like the ABC's.

Other fun baby songs include, Rockabye Baby, Mama's Going to Buy You a Mockingbird, etc.


My youngest son used to bite when he was a baby. He thought it was playful. I had a little song that I would sing to him: "nooooo bite-bite, nooooo bite-bite." He would smile and laugh, and stop biting.


We are all the time changing the words to songs, especially my husband he's really good at it. When they were babies I could never remember any songs so I'd sing the alphabet to them.


I just read to mine at home. And I'd sing "Head and shoulders, knees and toes" that's how all our children learned their body parts. :) I sang other songs to them as well.

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Fun songs to sing to baby
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