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How do I give my newborn baby a sponge bath

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The best way to give your newborn a sponge bath is to wrap them up in a towel and clean one part of them at a time. Uncover a leg, rub it gently with the towel, then cover it back up. Then uncover the other leg, wash it, cover it up. Make sure to keep them covered as much as possible so the air doesn't hit them. Most importantly, make sure to not submerge their umbilical cord stump in any water.


I liked the early sponge bath stage. No wiggling, lol. We used a huge baby sponge with a baby towel on top and covering my baby, so we could quickly dry and keep her warm. We used a soft cloth, warm water, and No More Tears all over wash in the early weeks.

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How do I give my newborn baby a sponge bath
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