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How to choose a baby sling and front carrier

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I think it comes down to what is most comfortable for you and baby. Do some research check out the different types and brands. For us we liked the Ergo carrier the best. It allows you to carry your baby on the front of you, on your hip or on your back and has a relatively high weight limit so it can be used for an extended amount of time. Great quality and lots of fun patterns.


I had a store bought baby carrier with my oldest. My second I had a ring sling which he hated. My last two I have had two homemade mobi style wraps. I much prefer the wraps, it's easier on my back bad back and small frame. It's comfortable for me and I feel like baby is more supported in this. I still have the ring sling which I nurse her in if I can't sit down and she can't wait to eat.


you need to sort out whether you like the "carrier" feel or the "wrap" type.. they are very different and sometimes serve different functions.. some are easier to put on than others.. some can do different positions.. But what you can do is go to a baby store and try some out! Chat with other Moms about what one they use/like and why.. then match one to your own lifestyle.

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How to choose a baby sling and front carrier
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