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Ways to become pregnant with PCOS

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Fertilitea can significantly up your chances of getting pregnant with PCOS. I think its main active ingredient is chasteberry (Vitex.) Since your hormones may also make your discharge thick, EPO can give you more fertile cervical mucus. Soy isoflavones are also one of the ways to become pregnant with PCOS that many women are using across in the internet.


I had to go see a reproductive endocrinologist before they were regular.

My biggest tips... try, try, TRY not to stress. If your doctor tells you "you can't have children/get pregnant" (which happens since a lot of doctors aren't all the way familiar with PCOS), don't take it to heart. You CAN have a child. Eat a well-balanced diet similar to a diabetic diet since PCOS and Insulin Resistance are typically hand in hand and it also helps balance your hormones.

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Ways to become pregnant with PCOS
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