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Do you use bike trailers for your toddler?

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I bought a 1 Child Seater Red Bike Trailer for about 100 bucks...it had great reviews, it was put together fairly easily, and it holds up. Nina absolutely LOVES being pulled in it, whether its attached to the bike or if you're just pulling it by hand. I looked up the differences between baby bike seats and trailers, and the trailer just seemed safer. If the bike tips, the trailer stays relatively upright. It doesn't affect the weight of the actual bike for turning, it's just you might wanna change gears on the bike. I always use the highest gear my bike has, and towing nina along makes it a little harder, but it's good exercise and we both enjoy it.


We have one and absolutely LOVE it. We go for rides a few times a week as we live within biking distance to our neighborhood pool, the grocery store, an ice cream shop, and a few really fun parks.

Helmets aren't legally required in our state, but we put one on every member of the family for safety.

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Do you use bike trailers for your toddler?
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