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Is it okay to supplement your breastfed baby's diet with formula

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She takes formula and breast milk at day care. we nurse when she's home. What i do to help my milk production is while she's nursing i pump the opposite side (yes it's a huge pain) but it helps. She no long wakes at night so i TRY to wake up in the night and get a pump in ( i don't always wake up, since my baby isn't waking me, sleep is oh so precious!). I wake up and pump first thing in the morning, then nurse right after. Also after we nurse i'll pump. sometimes i barely get anything, but it helps keep the milk coming! She does well with the formula breats milk combo. but because she's taking 5-6 oz every 1 1/2- 2 hours she uses up all of my expressed milk at day care so we haven't had much succes with any extra supply unfortunately!


It work well for us for a few months . I did not make enough milk and it took awhile for my milk to come in and my little man wasn't getting enough . I would nurse and then give him a bit of formula to make sure he was getting enough to eat . He got to the point where he wouldn't nurse anymore , I had flat nipples and It was hard for him . So I pumped what I could and mixed it with formula until he was about 6 months old .


No offense but I disagree about the nipple confusion my daughter weighed 6lbs after the hospital so for the first month I had to give her formula out of the bottle while breastfeeding. And the opposite happened. She will no longer take a bottle.. So I have been breastfeeding her for 6 months.. Honestly there is nO right or wrong answer. Some say to introduce formula for your baby to get use to it. Because sooner or later your not gonna have breast milk left to feed your baby.. That was my mistake. She hates formula and won't take a bottle.. So I'm stuck in the middle figuring out what I should do because my breast milk is lessening..


If you supplement while breastfeeding it will make your supply go down. The best way to get your supply up is nurse on demand. Make sure their latch is right, no tongue tie. Drink lots of water.


Emelia had a hard time gaining weight in the beginning the LC had me switch nursing and supplementing expressed milk in a bottle at 2 weeks weve had no issues with nipple confusion. At 5 weeks went for a weigh in and I expressed my worries about not having enough expressed milk for daycare bc she eats all my supply. my LC recommended formula supplementing but adding breast milk with each bottle- which helps with digestion. we started it right away so I would know how she did with the formula before daycare and shes done great no change in bowels. I still pump every 2-3 hours and exclusively nurse when we are home in the afternoon/night and weekends. I believe you need to do what suites you, your baby and your lifestyle.


My 2 month old won't take a bottle either way.


there are supplemental formulas for moms who do want to do this, but all the nutrients your baby needs are in your milk, not to mention the antibodies you give your baby to fight off infections and diseases. I also don't suggest it because mixing formula with breastmilk because the formula can make your baby constipated since it takes longer to get through the babies body and also, if you supplement then you're body isn't actually being told how much food your baby needs


I don't think it's a good idea. It will lead to nipple confusion in some, or some kids won't even take a breast after having milk in a bottle because bottles are easier. It will dry up your supply, too. The more demand, the more milk you produce. There are foods to increase milk supply if you think you are low. Babies are supposed to eat A LOT. They have tiny tummies and breastmilk digests fast. A lot of breastfed babies eat constantly those first few weeks, when they hit a growth spurt they eat constantly-they need the calories to grow.

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Is it okay to supplement your breastfed baby's diet with formula
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