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Toddler behavioral issues: biting. Strategies for change

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Henry was the unfortunate victim of another child who bit him at preschool. Biting is one of the rough parts of toddlerhood and totally normal. Children that age tend to get frustrated really easily and can't communicate so they physically last out, sometimes in the form of biting.

When we talked to the preschool staff about their policy for children who bite, they said they shadow the "biter." They look for triggers (often frustration while playing) and try to move the biter if they think they're going to strike. Saying "No biting." and redirecting were often all that was necessary. It can take a while for the biting to stop if the adult actions are consistent.

I know some parents say to bite the child back, however, I'm not a fan of that method. We tell children not to bite yet we bite them back? To me, it sends them a mixed signal even if it ends up being effective and curbs the behavior.

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Toddler behavioral issues: biting. Strategies for change
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