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How to treat toddler's cough without medication?

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My son has had asthma from birth as his dad did. Luckily it is getting better as he gets older but my pedi advised me to mix honey and lemon juice and give him a teaspoon of that if he is not coughing so bad he needs a breathing treatment. I have found the honey and lemon juice works well and since he puts honey on some of his food then he doesn't consider it medicine.


in my quest on what you can do with essential oils, I found that you can treat things like a cough with different essential oils. My son has had a pretty nasty cough this week so I decided to give Thieves essential oil a try.

Today, after using it for 2.5 days, his cough sounds like it is almost gone!

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How to treat toddler's cough without medication?
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