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Toddler photo contests: what should I be careful about?

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When thinking about entering your toddler into a photo contest be sure to read all of the fine print, most of the time you are giving away rights to the photos of YOUR toddler to that company hosting the contest. Even if you do not win, that company can quite possibly use your child's picture for any future campaigns. This is something dangerous, for one you don't want someone else having rights to a picture of YOUR toddler and for two, you should earn revenue for any company utilizing your child's photo for future campaigns.

From what I have read and seen others experience, this is the biggest concern when entering your toddler into a photo contest. I would like to add, be sure you are entering a reputable company contest; none of those spam type ones where it's some unknown company! Research the company that is hosting the toddler photo contest first, as a means to make your own decision as to whether to trust this company or not too.

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Toddler photo contests: what should I be careful about?
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