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Toddler rash: when to see doctor?

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My daughter gets unusual rashes in her arm pits. I knew enough to know to check for other symptoms, such as itching, burning, and any odors. Yet, she never complained of it itching, burning, and it had no odor. I was very lost. But it did continue to get bigger. I took her to the doctor and at first she diagnosed it as a fungal infection, but after about 2 weeks on an anti-fungal cream, it wasn't going away. I took her back and her doctor said to treat it as eczema. Come to find out, that's what it is. I use aquafor to treat it when it flares up. If your toddler has a rash, I would really study it and ask your toddler if they have any other symptoms. Fever? Does it burn or itch? If it bothers them, I would take them to the doctor to get a diagnosis. If it's like my daughter's was, try some home remedies like over the counter antifungal or lotion if it's just dry. If none of those seem to be doing anything after 2 weeks, then I'd take your toddler to the doctor. Another rash my daughter often gets is heat rash. She'll break out for a day or two and it goes away on its own.

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Toddler rash: when to see doctor?
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