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How can I change my toddler's sleep patterns?

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Changing your toddlers sleep patterns will take time, consistency and strength. First figure out what type of sleep pattern you want your toddler to have; figure out a routine. I personally started a routine for my son's from baby ages - we get in Pajamas, read a book, brush teeth, sing lullabies and get tucked in.

Once you have the routine established and time you want them to be asleep by, keep it up. This may take 7 - 14 days before your toddler gets on board with this new structure ,but it will happen so as long as you stick with it.

If you wish for them to sleep at nap time during day, and that time needs to be adjusted, be sure to take into consideration what time you want them to be asleep at night, because if too late of a daytime nap - they may be wide awake at their normal bedtime hour.

Simply put - set the time(s) you want toddler to sleep, setup a routine and stick with it, be consistent and do not engage them if they continue to get out of bed - keep putting them back into bed or wherever their nap area is. Be patient, it will work out in time!

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How can I change my toddler's sleep patterns?
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