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Toddler sleepwalking: how serious is it ?

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A toddler sleepwalking, although scary for parents to witness, is pretty common during this age. If you have a sleepwalking toddler, it's normal to wonder if this is serious or not, while most often this symptom is stemmed from genetics and environment, there are times where it may mean a medical condition is present.

Chances are if you slept walked or another family member, then your toddler will also sleepwalk. The best bet is to keep an eye out on it, and it should pass with age. The two most common reasons for a toddler to sleepwalk could be lack of sleep (sleep deprivation) or hectic sleep schedules. Do your best to get your toddler enough sleep and to stick to a routine sleep schedule as a means to try to deter sleepwalking instances.

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Toddler sleepwalking: how serious is it ?
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