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Best swim diapers for a toddler

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We've had Avery is swim lessons since she was about 7 months old and they require cloth swim diapers. At first I was leery because one pair costs about as much as a pack of disposable swim diapers. I'm glad we got it though. They're awesome!

Swim diapers don't hold liquid, only solids so they don't contaminate the pool. The disposable ones were too flimsy int he water and poo would go everywhere. My cloth one is great. It holds everything in and it seems much more comfortable. It's soft instead of crinkly. Plus, I just throwit in the wash with the rest of the swim suit and it's ready to go again! We got ours at target and they come in sizes from newborn all the way through 4T

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Best swim diapers for a toddler
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