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Toddler temp: how to reduce fever?

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First, make sure that you have established that the toddler fever is a true fever, temp ranges are different for toddler versus adults.

Use light clothing or a light sheet instead of heavy clothing or heavy blanket.

Cold washcloth on forehead or those Be Cool pads found at local pharmacies.

Keep the fluids up, gatorade will help to keep their electrolytes up too.

A warm sponge bath may help.

You can use Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen at the appropriate dose if no other methods help.

A fever is our bodies natural defense to fighting off something, so remember that you should keep an eye on it so it doesn't go into the danger range, but overall, a fever is showing you that your toddler's body is working to fight off something, so medicine isn't always the best route to go right away.

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Toddler temp: how to reduce fever?
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