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Are you looking for a man if you're a single mom

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So I just turned 34 and I have always said one would be enough for me but I love having her around so much that I am not sure I want to stop at one. There will never be a chance of harpers father and I getting back together because he is the most immature man I have ever met. He has yet to send condolences to my mother for her mother passing Thursday night. He is the most self centered man I've ever met. But I'm ready to date and don't know where to begin! Any advice!? I'm not getting any younger!


Not technically but in a way yes. I've been talking with this one guy for about a few months now and there's feeling. So whatever happens happens ;)


I'm not really looking. If I find someone that'd be nice but if I don't I'm not really looking for anyone.


I'm not looking im just raising my babies at the moment. I love being independent and single.

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Are you looking for a man if you're a single mom
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