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Toddler's runny nose: home remedies

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Turn the bathroom into a steam room with the door closed and the shower on full hot. Sit in there for 10 or 15 minutes.

Clap the chest and back. While you sit in the bathroom steaming, clap on your child’s chest and back (where the lungs are) firmly (harder than burping) with an open hand. This helps shake the mucus loose so your child can cough it up better.

Allow your child to sleep in a slightly upright position. This allows for easier breathing during sleep.
Nose hose.

For infants too young to blow their nose, suction them out using bulb syringe.

Use a hot steam vaporizer in the bedroom at night (not a cool mist humidifier). This warm, humid environment can help keep noses and chests clear at night.

Drink twice as much liquid. This will help to thin secretions and prevent dehydration.

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Toddler's runny nose: home remedies
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