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Best yarn to make baby socks

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I do have a go-to for middle ground yarn though, that a friend introduced me to when I first started crocheting. For a lot of things, I find the cheap SuperSaver yarn like you can buy at Wal-Mart works just fine, but for some things I just want cotton.

Baby socks, I think, would fall into the cotton category for me, I think. It MIGHT even help them stay on

Anyway, the brand I normally use for cotton stuff is Sugar and Cream. They come in pretty small skeins, but are relatively inexpensive and they have beautiful cheery colors of all sorts. I adore their blues.


Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Baby Yarn is the best brand to make baby socks. They are so soft and it will keep your baby so comfortable. They can be found in JoAnn and Michael's for $2.99 and up.

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Best yarn to make baby socks
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