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Make my baby a room before or after I'm pregnant

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I don't want to get pregnant and have morning sickness then try to be moving out big furniture, paint, all that noise. Well, maybe paint- or have hubby do it... But I don't want to have to rearrange the whole house to get rid of whatever is in the spare room.

I want to make it a nursery straight away, in one sense... Paint it, start making baby stuff, add furniture... the whole nine yards. But, I don't know how long it will take to get pregnant again.


I think it is a great idea to set a room aside for a baby. You can use it as storage, for now. Why? So you aren't panicking or scrambling about at the last minute wondering where you are going to put the little one...that is what happened to us (my son was a surprise...a beautiful one, though). Now, with having a surprise the first time, I wonder where the next one will be placed if we get "another surprise."

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Make my baby a room before or after I'm pregnant
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