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Stay at home mothers, how much do you work

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Well with 6 boys that's pretty much all I do , there is always something to be done or someone to be helped . When you are a mom it is 24/7 , always !!! If I am sick or tired or whatever , I am still mom !!!


A LOT. Granted I have my husband and older children who help out around the house and my husband helps with homeschooling, which is blessing since I am the sole bread winner right now. Between blogging, farm management, my paper routes and other work at home work, I work pretty much full-time. No wonder I'm tired...ha!


Moms are every job there possibly is without getting paid. Moms, and dads for that matter, work 24/7. Cooking, teaching, counseling, play mates, parents do everything.

Parents work so hard for their little one whether it's at a "real" job that you have to go to or stay home and work with the little ones.

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Stay at home mothers, how much do you work
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