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When and how to get baby's ears pierced

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I admit, I never understand having a babies ears pierced.

.Until a made a friend, who became a really close friend and they are Mexican. And when her girls were born, she had their ears pierced. I was close enough with her and fascinated by some of their festivities' and foods anyway, so I asked her.. She said it's a tradition in the their Mexican heritage, a showing of felinity, a welcoming, a right of passage...


We just took my 10 month old daughter today to get her ears pierced. I had going back and forth with the idea and finally just decided to do it. We went to Claire's to have it done. They offer free ear piercing when you buy the starter kit. We decided to buy the sterling silver earrings, they are better for the baby's ears, and we picked out clear diamond earrings.

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When and how to get baby's ears pierced
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