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How to know if your baby has too much spit up

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I would watch for a pattern. Is the baby spitting up whole feedings? Does it happen every time? Do you lay the baby down on their back after they eat?

A little spit up is not concerning. It could be their way of getting that burp out. What is a red flag is being unable to keep feedings down so you should talk to the doctor about it.

It also helps to keep the baby in an upright position after feedings for at least 30 minutes to give their stomachs a chance to settle.


I would say if they are filling up a burp rag after every feeding, you need to rethink something. In my mind, 'spit up' is just a little bit coming up here and there. If it gets major then something didn't get swallowed all the way or an air bubble got stuck in between drinks. If you are worried talk to a pediatrician, but be sure to make a journal so you know when they ask how much, how often. If you are nursing then start an elimination diet.. Dairy is a big culprit, tomato products... Those seem to be pretty common. It will take about four weeks to get everything through both systems. If babe is throwing up consistently then it's time to talk to a ped. It could be allergies or acid reflux. Follow your instincts.


As always.. every baby is different - some have acid reflux, some don't, some get gas really easily, some don't, some take formula just fine, some don't, and some even deal with formula changes just fine, some don't.. that said.. a little bit of spit is normal.. this means, perhaps after feeding, trying to get that burp or few burps to ease their tummy, they might have some spit up come up with it. Another common time when they might spit up is a quick change of positions, dancing around with them, hoisting them in the air.. etc.. those times can definitely be followed by spit up. I would say anytime your baby is super fussy often and spitting up frequently, then you are having issues.. and then I would perhaps chat with you pediatrician!

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How to know if your baby has too much spit up
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