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What happens when permanent tooth comes in behind baby tooth

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Good topic. So both my kids still have baby teeth that never fell out.My daughter is 20 and my son is 16. The dentist stated that she needs have them pulled out but she does not want them pulled out cause it will alter her facial features. she does not want that. He stated if she does not have any problems or a pain in her mouth then she will be ok she needs a total of 9 pulled. With my son he needs a total of 6 pulled and he stated the same thing. His baby teeth are still up there with the adult in front and that they would have to pull the baby teeth out and put braces on the adult to pull it down.


I don't know honestly but it is the stuff of my dreams. I am not sure if they can do anything because it is likely loose for a reason. If it falls out they would do something but not before.

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What happens when permanent tooth comes in behind baby tooth
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