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Dangers of tossing babies in the air

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Tossing your baby in the air could result in an accidental fall or injury. Sometimes if you toss your baby up too hard or your baby isn't holding their neck properly they can be injured. Babies have a very hard head compared to their neck and body. It is hard for them to hold it and control it. Be careful when doing fun or silly activities that your baby isn't accidently injured.


Well, these can be obvious, and as with anything you do with your baby, you have to be mindful, smart, extra careful and just... I'll say it again, smart! Sometimes tossing a baby in the air can scare them, sometimes you won't be able to catch them properly, sometimes it can make them sick.. especially if they have just eaten. You also want to make sure what is ABOVE you and the baby.. sometimes that ceiling or ceiling fan is closer than you think!

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Dangers of tossing babies in the air
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