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Touching moms boobs in public

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Depending on the age of the child, I tend not to worry about it or make a big deal about it. My 3 are/were breastfed and my boobs still hold a lot of comfort for them. Audrey will often just reach her hand inside of my shirt and leave her hand resting between my boobs as a way to feel close and comforted. Mason used to do this as well. We never made a big deal about it, and he grew out of it on his own


I think the best thing to do is to just pull their hand away and explain to them that they're private parts. No one else is supposed to touch them (or, if they're still breastfeeding, you can only touch them if we're nursing). You'll probably have to remind them several times before they get it. Just try not to make a big reaction because they might think it's a fun game to play with you.

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Touching moms boobs in public
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