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How to stop baby from crying

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I think the key is to find out why your baby is crying. Does he/she need a diaper change? Is he/she hungry? Is he/she tired?

Then, check to make sure that there's nothing bothering him or her. Is your baby too hot or too cold? Is the diaper too tight and needs to be loosened? Is there something on their onesie that is bothering your baby?

Is your baby sick? Look for fever, or congestion, a change in personality.

Look for signs of constipation that might be causing pain.

Is your baby teething? Use teething remedies to help calm a teething baby such as teething rings or an Amber teething necklace.

Then, if your baby is still crying, calm him or her. Hold and cuddle. Sometimes babies just need to be held and comforted.

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How to stop baby from crying
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