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How to prevent cold and flu in babies

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Everyone knows hand sanitisers and prevention such as flu shot.

It's not fun but I did find that cool mist humitfier running and steamy showers and lots of sucktion will help.I also discovered A new brand of pellets and cold and flu made by hylands.For as young as 2mnts.

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After the first few months with both, I calmed down and just let it happen. They are going to get sick. It happens, and in the long run, the more smaller colds and stuff they get, the better off they are in the long run. Their immune system will be stronger and more adaptive.

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I avoid taking my babies out in public and in crowds during cold and flu season. If I do take them out and people touch their hands, I discreetly take a wipe and wipe baby's hand(s).

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How to prevent cold and flu in babies
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