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Traveling and pregnancy tips

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I travel by car a lot. I think my body is used to it so it's a little easier with each pregnancy. Talk to your doctor first-I've always stayed close to home after 32 weeks because I go early and I don't like the hospitals in Nebraska. Stop to at least stretch every few hours, peeing that much would be better because then you aren't adding pressure. I always wear a pad too, that way if baby kicks and I pee uncontrollably, it's not a huge mess. The biggest issue for me is staying hydrated.


If you are traveling while pregnant make sure you give yourself extra time especially if you are flying. Getting through security can be a pain even when you are not pregnant. Bring healthy snacks with you. Don't rely on the airport for healthy snacks. They have some but save time and money and bring your own. Talk to the airline when you check in about boarding earlier. They will possibly let you. Ask for help when lifting your carry in and out of the overhead bins. Be sure to get your travel approved by your doctor as well in case there is an issue. Usually you are safe to fly when you are in your first two trimesters unless you are high risk. Try and relax and make your travel as stress free as possible.


Generally, commercial air travel during pregnancy is considered safe for women who have healthy pregnancies. Still, if you're pregnant, it's best to check with your health care provider before you fly.

Your health care provider might caution against air travel if your pregnancy is considered high risk or you're at risk of preterm labor. Similarly, your health care provider might restrict travel of any type after 36 weeks of pregnancy.


I had to travel by car 1,800 miles to another state at 17weeks pregnant and then back home another 1,800 miles when I was 28weeks pregnant. I made sure to stop as often as possible to pee and walk around. It was very hard to get comfortable in the car. I used a ton of pillows and wore pajama pants.

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Traveling and pregnancy tips
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