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What are some alternative therapies for ADHD kid

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No sugars if you do give that treat once in a while use organic sugar or raw honey or use fruits to sweeten. Use essential oils. Find out what they are very good at and passionate about for my daughter her happy place is art. Use that to help them with learning give them more encouragement than being angry with them they learn slowly and need that loving attention from you. I know easier said than done but take it day by day! the picture is my daughter drawing on her white board she is always on this board :)

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We eliminated all dyes and as much processed food as possible from our diet, and tried a holistic approach with the help of a holistic doctor.It didn't help at all. So we opted for medicine. We've found that the lowest dose of Concerta works the best for our son.


ADHD can be very tricky to deal with. While many children with ADHD find that medication is helpful, others may not be able to tolerate the side effects. A few alternative therapies may be counseling, DBT therapy or diet changes. Counseling can be very effective with the right counselor who will help your child develop coping skills for dealing with the issue. DBT therapy can be helpful in learning how to cope as well, but it is a bit more in depth than counseling itself. Diet changes are very effective for some children who may find their symptoms worsening with things like red dye, corn or wheat in their diets.

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Structure is so important for kids it is amazing to see how it effects an entire culture. If I had a child that struggled with ADHD I would not be willing to give medication without counseling.

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What are some alternative therapies for ADHD kid
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