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Healthy foods for trying to conceive a baby

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Avocados, technically a fruit, have wonderful benefits TTC or not. They are full of (good) fat that helps with vitamin absorption and help your brain in a similar way to fish oil.

Quinoa, a pseudo-grain used by the Mayans, is comparable in nutrition to mother's milk and just as easy to digest.

It's delicious, full of protein, (I think) gluten-free, and will help fill your body up with digestable nutrients in preparation for baby.

Aside from that though, baby is going to need lots of calcium in the future, and if he or she isn't getting it, it may leech from your teeth and bones... So have some cheese


I heard sweet potatoes and some root vegetables are good TTC twins.

With my pregnancy, I did a 180 the month before I got pregnant and just went all healthy and skipped the junk food and sodas/coffee. My routine that month: breakfast - bowl of oatmeal, AM snack - piece of fruit Lunch - carrot and celery sticks & cucumbers PM snack - string cheese and/or yogurt Dinner - very modest helping of protein/ a roll or 1/4c cooked rice, steamed vegetables.

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Healthy foods for trying to conceive a baby
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