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Reasons for trying to conceive a girl

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For us it is simple, we already have two boys and would love to have a girl. It will help balance out our family. I would love to have another girl around the house. But if we have another boy, at least somewhat know what we are doing.


For one, girls. on average, seem to be less destructive than boys... I could see it saving me a lot of headaches when they're young because my husband was a sneaky lil daredevil.

I think having a girl would expand my horizons more than having a boy... Albeit, yes, I am a girl... I generally relate to male culture a little better and am kind of a tomboy. Though any future daughter I have might take after me, they could totally end up being a girly girl too and then I'd have to expand my mind and kinds of activities to incorporate that and sort of 'see the other side' I guess.

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Reasons for trying to conceive a girl
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Wow Have times have changes there not my lil babies anymore! Love yall !!
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