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Where to find financial help for a tubal reversal

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You can use a Kickstarter campaign to get financial help for a tubal reversal. I think there are also certain foundations that will help you with the money, but don't quote me. If you can get family and friends to donate to a crowdfunding campaign though, you could cover a lot of the expense. I'm not sure of any insurance that helps with this since it is optional.


I don't know of any insurance that pays for it as they consider it an elective surgery. Your best bet is to find a clinic that offers a payment plan as the surgery can be anywhere between 6 and 10k. You may want to consider a personal loan, but just keep in mind that the surgery to undo the tubal ligation or essure is not ever 100%. Weigh the pros and cons and talk to your doctor about alternatives as well.


I know that they have Insurance places for this. I dont remmeber the exact site but iam sure if you google it or just do some research on it you will find it. There is a lot of information out there for the reversal insurance.


I know of no agency that will help someone get a tubal reversal. This is not a life-saving procedure and the tubal is an elective procedure. If you are wanting to get a tubal reversal, you may be able to ask family and friends to help you but you won't likely find financial assistance anywhere else.

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Where to find financial help for a tubal reversal
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